Localize Your App

If you localize your YouTube video content, you can also localize your Amazon Creator app to support the localized content. When you create an app, you can add YouTube channel IDs that correspond to your localized YouTube channels. With this approach, you'll have one app with different versions for different markets. Localization regions currently include the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Austria, and India.

Localize Your YouTube-based App

  1. In your YouTube account, create a separate channel for each localization. For example, if you're localizing your content into Japanese and German, create a Japanese channel and a German channel (in addition to your English channel). See Separate Videos into Multiple Channels in Your YouTube Account.
  2. After creating your app, go to Manage Apps.
  3. Click Advanced in your app's details.
  4. In the App Localizations section, enter the channel ID of one of your localized channels. Then click Add a localization.
  5. In the Expand/Collapse Countries section, select the countries you want to map to (or associate with) that localized channel.

    Selecting a localization
  6. Click Add Country.

All users, regardless of their geographic location, will discover the exact same app when they search Fire TV for your app. However, when users in Japan (for example) view your app, the content from the YouTube channel you have mapped to Japan will appear for them. Similarly, when users in Germany view your app, the content from the YouTube channel you have mapped to Germany will appear for them.

Note that the text in the user interfaces of the localized isn't translated. There isn't much text in the interface, but the word "Latest" in the category nav bar won't be changed to Japanese or German. You can hide the "Latest" category by clicking Manage Apps, then Advanced.

Localization with MRSS Feeds

Localization is not available for MRSS feeds through Amazon Creator. However, your online video host provider might provide a way to localize video content.