Update Your Live App

Your app's content (videos, titles, descriptions, navigation bar sections/categories) will dynamically update each time the app starts based on updates to your YouTube channel, MRSS feed, or Brightcove application.

However, to update your app descriptions and metadata (used to promote your app in the Amazon Appstore), which you completed during the publishing process, you will need to make edits in Amazon Creator and publish your app again. The new version will need to be approved.

Stay within Amazon Creator's UI

Although you can log into the Amazon Developer Portal and update your app details, do not do so. Manage all your app details through Amazon Creator. Updates you make using Amazon Creator flow into the Developer Portal, but any updates you make in the Developer Portal do not flow back into Amazon Creator. Amazon Creator was designed for you to manage your app entirely from the Amazon Creator interface, not from the Developer Portal.

Update the Appearance of Your Live App

You can update the appearance of your app without republishing it. Your app's theme files are stored on the Amazon Creator server, which the Appstore reads from. To update your app's appearance:

  1. Click Manage Apps in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Edit next to your app.
  3. Make your changes, and then click Save.
  4. When you're finished with your changes, click Finish. You're returned to the Manage Apps view and see a message indicating that you've modified your project and can now make your changes live.

    Make your changes live
  5. Click Make Changes Live button, and then click the same button on the confirmation dialog box.

Your changes will be live immediately (and viewable when you re-launch your app).

Update App Images and Descriptions (Descriptions, Key Features, etc.)

If you have updates to your app name, description, or other details outside of the app's style/theme, you'll need to republish your app before the changes go live. To update your app's metadata:

  1. Click Manage Apps in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Publish. You see a message that says that the required assets are being generated.
  3. Update your app's image assets and descriptions as desired, and then click Publish to Appstore.

How to Remove Your App from the Appstore

If you need to remove your app from the Appstore, you will need to suppress it. (Apps can't be fully deleted, just suppressed/hidden). Note that while suppressing your existing app would ensure new users are not able to download it, your existing users will continue to have the downloaded app on their device. To suppress your app from the Appstore:

  1. Click Manage Apps.
  2. Click Delete, and then confirm the removal.

It can take 1-2 days for your app to be fully suppressed from the Appstore.